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Exhibiting at The Bowery Gallery, 54 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 2AL till the 28th November.

This exhibition at The Bowery celebrates and concludes a journey undertaken by Karen Stansfield to explore the creative mind and celebrate the life of her peer, and friend Andy Banks.

“As an instigator and mark marker I found engaging with the kinetic drawing machines an intriguing challenge –for it was the machines doing the work. Through a combination of curiosity, naivety, and exploration I found the interaction with the devices to be conversational. Through these conversations between myself and the machine, I attempted to create a repeated rhythm and pattern through an industrial time managed environment, in which lengths of paper emulated mass produced cloth. During my creative encounters with the machines I experienced a fascinating synthesis between myself and the devices in which the resulting interactions merged to form a singular coherent voice.”

 For more information about Andy Banks Please visit andybanks.org