Textile Reduction Lino Printing course

Carving lino in the production of printing blocks is an enjoyable, tactile part of the printmaking process and there are a variety of density of lino available, from ‘easy cut’ and hessian backed. It is a wonderful surface to work with, responsive to scoring and mark-making, guiding the carving tools through the surface requires dexterity and coordination between the eye and the hand.

This course highlights the diversity of the process without the requirement of a printing press and the need for heat-sealing. Using one piece of lino, we apply the reduction method to create the three coloured stages of the designed motif, working from the lightest colour through to a mid-tone and finally the darkest ‘key’ colour. The lino reduction process is fully explained verbally and supported with physical examples in the first section of the workshop, alongside registration of your textile item and printing block, and the care of the textile(s) after printing.

I deliver this course at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop, for more details about the course please visit https://wypw.org/product-category/courses/

The course is also available to deliver as an outreach course if you wish to hire my services, please contact me via the contact page. You can also find updates on this website about the course and other activities which I am delivering.

Below are examples from the participants who have attended the course previously.