Light Night – Leeds Festival of Light

Commissioned by Leeds Playhouse (West Yorkshire Playhouse) Literary department to engage with the youth theatre to design, source, and make their costume for three individual performances in three different settings across the city.

The first performance was situated outside the Playhouse. Aliens had landed and were intended to take over the planet. To defined the invaders from the citizens of earth, their costumes were to be made out of food packaging for they were perplexed about how much waste materials we create.

The monologue piece by a bus conductor was performed in the Trinity church and utilised the pews of the church to replicate the seating rows of a bus. The costume for the bus conductor had to be realistic to assist the narrative, this was easy to source due to the fantastic resources at Leeds Playhouse wardrobe department.

The requirements for the dance performance were that the base outfit needed to be loose to able for the dancers to perform their moves unrestricted and for it to be neutral in colour, the only colour required was the vibrant shawls for them to manipulate whilst performing.