This collection of etchings was produced using the Ensomatic and Mark I & II machines kinetic drawing machine invented by Andy Banks.

Andy primarily designed the machines to draw onto paper I took the machine and changed the pen for an etching tool and coated copper and zinc plates in hard grounds, place a copper plate in the place where the paper would have been and started the machine. The Ensomatic had built in obsolescence and before the battery ran out I had completed three plates. These I inked up with a variety of colours and created the first series of etchings, Interstellar, Celestrial, Predestination, Pressureless and Heliosphere 1, 2 &3.

Later on in the year I used replicas of the Mark I & II machines and made three more etching plates to add to the to the originals plates. These were used to create the etchings for my collection `Resonate’ for my first solo exhibition. I created 12 new pieces of work to represent the first twelve months of emotions journey since Andy’s passing.

Emulating You, Eternal Celebration, Devastation, Static noise, Dawning, Selfdom, Colourless and Still Blue. Darkness, Guilt and Ever present are in private collections.

I produced three mixed media canvases to exhibit alongside the etchings, these are bold painted pieces created by pendulum, Unified and Vociferation. Mania is in a private collection.