Educational Support Workshops

Printmaking is a wonderful process to achieve a diverse range of artwork in a condensed amount of time. These examples highlight the wide ranging possiblities achieved during a session onsite at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield.

Moorend Academy in Huddersfield attended the educational support screen printing workshops to assist with the students’ GCSE Art portfolio. Each student supplied a piece of artwork to be translated onto a silkscreen prior to attending the session. The majority of the session was utilised to create a body of experimental ‘base’ patterns using the paper stencil method. The final stage to bring all their elements together and print the bespoke silkscreen image on top of these ‘base’ patterns.

Below are example from a GCSE student who wished to produce experiemental portraits images of himself to enhance his Art portfolio. Again, an image was required beofre the session to be processed onto a silk screen, this became to ‘key’ image. During the session he experimented with paper stencils and different papers to print onto.