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Resonate Collection

The resonate collected developed during the curation for the Andy Banks Retrospective project. I utilised the gifted portable ‘Ensomatic’ drawing machine designed and made by Andy, the original purpose of the machine was to scribe onto paper, I adapted it by replacing the pen holder to house an etching needle to produce the etching plates. …

Artist Maker

Third Space Performance

This explorative, collaborative group performance explored various sensory dimensions, of space and time. Taking initial inspiration from the life story of the French inventor, Louis Le Prince, who lived in Leeds from 1866 and who disappeared in 1890. The performance took the audience members on a physical journey through various zones that performed various sensory …

Artist Maker


(dys)function(ing) performance explores scenographic materials, feminine objects, and the fragility of the human condition. The intimate one to one performances invited guests to partake in the ritual of tea drinking and explore the objects on display. The collection of curated objects held significant semiotic signage on  personal history which initiated conversations to occur between the …