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My Parents are Aliens

I have been privileged to work on five seasons of this programme which was made at Yorkshire Television in Leeds. Making television is very different from making for theatre. In theatre, you generally have six to eight weeks to produce costumes and properties for performance. With Television they make an episode a week, I would …


Leeds Playhouse (WYP)

In a freelance capacity, I have enjoyed working in the wardrobe and the props department supportive staff in the completion of costumes and properties for performance and also completing costumes in my fully equipt studio, Theatre products, Bollywood Jane, Privates on Parade, lion,Witch and the Wardrobe, Hounds of the Baskerville and Flat Stanley


Light Night – Leeds Festival of Light

Commissioned by Leeds Playhouse (West Yorkshire Playhouse) Literary department to engage with the youth theatre to design, source, and make their costume for three individual performances in three different settings across the city. The first performance was situated outside the Playhouse. Aliens had landed and were intended to take over the planet. To defined the …


Faceless Theatre Company

Commissioned to remake the Snowman Family for Faceless Theatres festive community workshops, they were a joy to replicate and to watch them perform! I was also commissioned to mend the racing snails costumes and produce a circle wellbeing interactive kite, six-meter in diametre, and separated into eight individual sections.


Resonate Collection

The resonate collected developed during the curation for the Andy Banks Retrospective project. I utilised the gifted portable ‘Ensomatic’ drawing machine designed and made by Andy, the original purpose of the machine was to scribe onto paper, I adapted it by replacing the pen holder to house an etching needle to produce the etching plates. …


Paper Stencil – Bespoke Workshop

This session showcases the artwork created by a mother and daughter team, they desired to create new artwork for their new home and booked in a day session at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop. Paper stencils are a diverse, quick method to create shape, these paper pieces are laid onto the paper and trapped between …


Educational Support Workshops

Printmaking is a wonderful process to achieve a diverse range of artwork in a condensed amount of time. These examples highlight the wide ranging possiblities achieved during a session onsite at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield. Moorend Academy in Huddersfield attended the educational support screen printing workshops to assist with the students’ GCSE …


Paper stencil drop-in workshop

To celebrate the wonder of printmaking, the paper stencil method is a very simple process to produce a bespoke design without using industrial chemicals in the creation of an image. The process is achievable whatever your age or ability, you can draw an image and use scissors or a craft knife, or rip up paper …


Roller printing drop-in workshop

This fun process utilises a lint roller and foam to create the desired shape for the printing process. It is quick and easy to do and is a wonderful, hands-on way to experience printmaking for people of all ages and abilites. The examples shown are from the Marks and Spencer’s family drop-in festive workshop held …


Screen printing – Paper stencil process

Using paper to create stencils for screen printing is a simple and effective process to achieve amazing results. The examples shown are from two separate sessions delivered at The Hepworth gallery in Wakefield. Session one printing with primary printing inks and session two printing with process coloured inks. The first stage of the process is …